A land surveyor, a yoga teacher, and a wine delivery driver walk into a podcast. There’s the setup. The joke is still happening on Solving Everything. Two years and over 30 episodes in, we are middle-aged in the Midwest, having authentic conversations and making music together. We are experts at nothing, have 9 kids, 2 divorces, and 2 worthless bachelor’s degrees between us. Still figuring shit out best we can. Don’t send us emails about how dumb our website is. We are really damn busy. 

But Kris, what are the other two podcasts about?

If you can’t figure out what Meditate Elevate might be about, you need to go and listen to some of those episodes and clear your damn mind out. Growing Beyond is a little more mysterious. Could be about alien abduction, could be interesting conversations with cool people? How will you ever know?