The Pod Squad


Kris Adams

Head of Enthusiasm


Dan Higgs

Hamm's Spokesperson


Andy Nath

Lead Washboard Player

Need to Know

In the fall of 2019 at a casual family party we were hired to play music for, a very young girl in a very tight dress sparked lengthy philosophical conversation between Kris, Andy and Dan about gender roles, cultural expectations, and religious upbringing.  Our emails grew too long to handle and we decided to sit behind some microphones and talk it out. That kind of explains everything. We’re musicians, friends, family people, and we like hearing ourselves talk. 


We like to surf the creative current, look for connective tissue, and show up for our lives and for each other. We make creative stuff and we like to talk to and about people who make creative stuff. We also care alot and like to talk to people who care alot. Don’t listen to us if you don’t want to go deep on analyzing life, culture, why there are Olympic sports no one has heard of, gender gaps, why Dave Chappelle is so good, and how being raised Catholic saddled us with a lifetime of guilt. 


You’ll get some poetry, original songs, short stories, essays, special guests, jokes about Darth Vader, and hours of listening to what real people sound like having non-shiny conversations without agenda.