• 13. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Artistic Integrity in Comedy

    Dan loves OUaTiH so much it almost hurts. We celebrate the movie and everything about it. Kris finally forgives Brad Pitt for cheating on Jen. Then deep dive into Eddie […]

  • 12. Solving School

    In this episode: prom; teenage male and female brains, bodies and sex drives; bullies; date rape; progressive education and what an ideal school looks like.

  • 5. For Caregivers

    This one’s dedicated to caregivers: parents, nurses, docs, aides, teachers, social workers….to those whose natures embody empathy and giving. After our intro meditation, there’s an energy meditation for clearing and […]

  • 11. Hoosiers: BONUS

    Olympics catch up, Larry Bird and driven athletes, Gene Hackman kicks ass in every movie he’s in (Superman! Unforgiven! Royal Tenenbaums!) and how we all need a pandemic coach.

  • 10. Hoosiers Deep Dive

    Hoosiers is the greatest and Gene Hackman is good in everything and at everything. Also, Indiana, Bobby Knight and more coach philosophy.

  • 9. Solving the Olympics

    Our first Zoom pod! Andy and Kris break down summer Olympics sports with some hilarious surprises (check out the graphic at Dan joins in to talk more about Olympics, […]

  • 4. Body Scan

    A brief centering meditation followed by a traditional mindfulness based body scan.

  • 3. Yoga Nidra

    Let’s try this again. A repost of the first version of this episode that was a rough draft accidentally posted. A 30 minute yoga nidra meditation. No intro meditation. Great […]

  • 2. Relax and Enhance Heart and Throat Energy

    A 7 minute centering meditation with a brief energy clearing at the end. Then a 15 minute heart and throat energy healing and visualization. Good for anyone feeling overwhelmed, anxious, […]

  • 7. Mark Croft Interview: Solving the Music Business

    Dan, Andy and Kris talk to local musician Mark Croft on how to make a living as a performer, what the music industry looks like now, how he got started, […]