Alex Pfeiffer and 21st Century Yoga

In this episode, we talk with Alex Pfeiffer, owner of Main Street Yoga Center on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin:

We cover a lot of ground including: cultural progression and hypernovel environments, seeking meaning in life, embracing physical reality, experiencing pain without suffering, the inconvenience and benefit of peak states, ashram life, teaching for the nervous system, focusing on the inner body, and more. Alex has an extensive depth of knowledge about yoga, authentic relating and embodied living. He talks about bringing yoga into the 21st Century at his new studio: making yoga accessible to everyone, while also providing opportunities to go deeper.

Main Street Yoga Center is rolling into the grand opening in November, which means for a short time, enjoy a discounted membership to try out different classes and teachers. (They’re all outstanding.) Growing Beyond listeners enjoy a further discount. Go to and enter growing-beyond at checkout.

For Kris’ thoughts on yoga and her experience in Alex’s yoga teacher training, 21st Century Yoga on the Mat, go to

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