Lia Thomas and the Question of a Level Playing Field

Kris starts by mentioning the amazing Radiolab Football episode -and is soon standing at the intersection of sewing footballs on sweaters, politics, equality in sports, and women’s rights. It’s a busy intersection. Dan wonders why trans-rights, though important, are a neon headline every day. Kris agrees with Martina Navratilova that Lia Thomas competing in the women’s category is unfair to the other athletes. Is there a real physiological advantage as a trans-woman athlete? Do we have to choose between cis-women athletes rights and trans-women athletes rights? Should playing fields be broken down into weight and height? Popovich hired a female coach for his NBA team. Dan and Andy doubt there could be a woman or a trans-man in the NFL. Does the word woman mean different things to different generations? An Asian-American comedian doesn’t want netflix to throw him a bone because it improves their optics. Questions to consider: What does a level playing field even look like?

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