The Big One Part 3: Roe v. Wade is Overturned and Clarence Has All the Snacks

The last part of our discussion regarding where abortion rights stand in America. Starting with….the Sports Illustrated 1992 Kathy Ireland Swimsuit Issue? Also, what can we agree on, mail order abortion, conspiracyKris and conspiracy Dan have a case for big pharma, herbal abortions, and, btw, women can vote and own property now. Dan argues the current system ain’t so bad, it’s main purpose is to state how the government can’t infringe on rights and freedoms. Kris says they need to be updated. Is our government like OK parenting? E pluribusunum means a couple different things. Jefferson has time to edit the bible while his lady friends raise his children, Uncle Sam is kind of like Jesus…Were the founding fathers working for the greater good? Did it work because Dems and Reps had a common enemy? Are we better people than politicians? Make some peace with your own limitations, set boundaries, try not to burn out on all the noise in the “free” world.

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