Podcast: Growing Beyond

  • Hospice, Death and What Matters at the End

    Kris’ work as a massage therapist for hospice reveals insights into the nature of our collective value system. Denying access to the dying at a time when you can still […]

  • Riley Huebsch: Birth and Postpartum Doula

    Birth and postpartum doulas are essential! Riley talks about her role in working with families, how to be an advocate for birthing moms, and shares a birth story including experiences […]

  • The Mini-Series for Kids Part 3 (final episode)

    Braden interviews his brother, Wyatt, who talks about how he feels when stressed and the zones of regulation. Wyatt leads an “Om” meditation.

  • Mini-Series for Kids Part 2

    Part 2 of a 3 or 4 part series just for kids. In this episode we talk about: How you can tell when your stressed, music for stress-relief, and Undertale. […]

  • Mini-Series for Kids: Part 1

    A 3 minute meditation for kids along with a brief chat with my 10 year old about relaxation strategies for kids, what to do when your Covid stress is at […]

  • Rachel B.: Trauma, Yoga, Somatic Experiencing

    Rachel and I nerd out on the path to healing trauma by way of the body. Somatic experiencing, intuitive yoga and movement, myofascial therapy, energy therapy, polyvagal theory and more. […]

  • Gabe: An 18 Year Old Shares his Thoughts on Corruption and Racial Equality

    Today I sat down to talk with my amazing nephew, Gabe. He is graduating from high school this year and headed for college in the fall (virtual or otherwise.) We […]

  • Discrimination in Schools

    I recorded this episode before Covid, before global protests, before things changed in our lives and minds in such a big way. This episode raises some questions that are essential […]

  • Haumea: Yoga, Lactation Support, Community and more.

    (Recorded pre-covid) Kick-ass prenatal yoga, childbirth education, lactation support, vinyasa classes, baby & mama yoga, and a place in the Madison area that offers community, connection, and a heart-centered place […]

  • Girl Talk 2 with Kelly and Abbie

    Get ready for Round 2 of Girl Talk with my BFF’s novelistKelly Harmsand photographer and homeschooler extraordinaireAbbie Chaffee. In this episode we talk about the amazing book,Fair Play, which every […]