Podcast: Meditate Elevate

  • Reparenting: Birth-18 months

    This guided visualization offers a gentle way to give yourself what you needed starting from conception. Neuroplasticity and reprogramming our minds can be a slow process, but it does work. […]

  • 10. Gayatri Mantra

    Gayatri Mantra is a sacred ancient mantra, extremely powerful. Listen along or join in as you like. It’s hard to put into our limited English terms and there are different […]

  • 9. Being with Feeling

    A “being with feeling” meditation that allows us to experience sensations in our bodies without judging or changing. Good stuff! Learn more about this practice of focusing with Ann Weiser […]

  • 8. Easy Breath with Self-acceptance

    This episode includes two simple breathing meditations, the second touching on accepting the impulse toward self-improvement and settling into self-acceptance. This episode also includes a new feature where I share […]

  • 7. Source Journey

    Take a ride back to the origins of you, discover the power, wisdom and flow of the Source within.

  • 6. Golden Sun, Raise Your Vibe

    A centering meditation followed by a visualization to release lower vibrations and welcome in love, compassion, grace and more refined energies.

  • 5. For Caregivers

    This one’s dedicated to caregivers: parents, nurses, docs, aides, teachers, social workers….to those whose natures embody empathy and giving. After our intro meditation, there’s an energy meditation for clearing and […]

  • 4. Body Scan

    A brief centering meditation followed by a traditional mindfulness based body scan.

  • 3. Yoga Nidra

    Let’s try this again. A repost of the first version of this episode that was a rough draft accidentally posted. A 30 minute yoga nidra meditation. No intro meditation. Great […]

  • 2. Relax and Enhance Heart and Throat Energy

    A 7 minute centering meditation with a brief energy clearing at the end. Then a 15 minute heart and throat energy healing and visualization. Good for anyone feeling overwhelmed, anxious, […]