Podcast: Solving Everything

  • 36. He Said, She Said, They Said: Part 2

    Part 2 of a four hour conversation about individual rights, the journey of women, trans rights, how progress changes language, and whether we really need laws to function. Kris shares […]

  • 35. He Said, She Said, They Said: Part 1

    Part 1 of 2. Guest host Jeremy Higgins joins Kris and Dan to discuss transgender rights, gender identity, gender definition, and the gap in generational understanding of the language around […]

  • 25. BONUS: Solving Everything- After Dark. 2021 Resolutions.

    As you likely know, we spend 4, often 5 hours with those record lights lit in one evening. There is frequently music, creative sparks, and shenanigans into the wee hours […]

  • 24. Cancel Culture Part 2

    South Park doesn’t apologize, Half Price Books rules, how do we hold artists accountable for their discrimination without canceling them all, Dr. Seuss is racist, and The Cat in the […]

  • 23. Cancel Culture

    This one gets intense! Are we allowed to have unpopular opinions without getting canceled? Is it right to cancel people because they are tone deaf? Or liars? Or discriminatory? Where […]

  • 22. Taking the Compliment, Going to School, Honoring thy Father

    Kris’ song gets played on Lovett or Leave It and she tries to downplay it, then gets called out on not being able to take a compliment. Is not being […]

  • 21. Dan Survives a Shark Attack, Our Kids Survive Technology

    Episode 21. We pick up where we left off in Episode 20. Video games: destroying society and ruining our kids’ brains? Or maybe just a normal part of growing up. […]

  • BONUS: Growing Beyond with Kris

    This short episode aired on our sister podcast, Growing Beyond. Kris shares some solo thoughts about her work at hospice as a massage therapist. The tone is serious and the […]

  • 19. Appetite for Corruption

    In this episode after a brief Higgs/Nath basketball chat, we stroll down memory lane, exploring self-created nicknames and Vegas, where Iowa boys aim and fail to get corrupted by a […]

  • 18. Altered States: Solving the State of the Union

    In this episode, we talk about mass media, the commercialization of things we love, trusting our leaders, how the 50 U.S. states are like unruly adult children at Thanksgiving, the […]