Growing Beyond Podcast

  • Alex Pfeiffer and 21st Century Yoga

    In this episode, we talk with Alex Pfeiffer, owner of Main Street Yoga Center on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin: We cover a lot of ground including: cultural […]

  • Conflict = Energy Part II, Chapter 5

    In this episode, we come to the end of our journey reading aloud from Jason Digges’ book, Conflict=Energy. At this point, the book ventures into various exercises along with new […]

  • Conflict=Energy Chapter 4: Connecting to Self

    Humans are not machines, yet we often view ourselves through a lens that emphasizes improvement, achievement, and perfection as the ultimate goals, rather than accepting and knowing ourselves for who […]

  • 26. Earth Healing with Kristin Schultheis

    Andy and I travel to Milwaukee to learn about earth healing from Kristin Schultheis, a soil scientist who comes from a long line of Sicilian healers. She shares her story […]

  • 25. Conflict=Energy Chapter 3: The Five Practices of Authentic Relating, Part 2

    In this episode we continue reading from Jason Digges book, Conflict=Energy. We hear about Practices 3, 4 and 5 which include: Reveal Your Experience, Own Your Experience, Honor Self and […]

  • 24. Conflict=Energy Chapter 3: The Five Practices of Authentic Relating

    In this episode, grab your emotional snorkel as we take a deeper dive into Authentic Relating. We hear the first half of Chapter 3 from Jason Digges’ book, Conflict=Energy. I […]

  • 23. Conflict=Energy Chapter 2: Embodiment

    Kris reads Chapter 2 of the book Conflict=Energy by Jason Digges. This book is a guide to authentic relating. There is no money being exchanged for these readings…it’s just essential […]

  • 22. Conflict=Energy Chapter 1: Polarity

    Kris shares Chapter 1 of the amazing book Conflict=Energy by Jason Digges. In this chapter about polarity, there are thoughts about humility and dignity. Read more about Kris’ experience with […]

  • 21. Authentic Relating Will Blow Your Mind

    Hello again! In this episode, you will hear the 5 principles of Authentic Relating- a practice that is transformational for your life, relationships, and emotional fluency. I received permission from […]

  • 20. Trans Rights

    My thoughts and feelings on trans rights.