Growing Beyond Podcast

  • Haumea: Yoga, Lactation Support, Community and more.

    (Recorded pre-covid) Kick-ass prenatal yoga, childbirth education, lactation support, vinyasa classes, baby & mama yoga, and a place in the Madison area that offers community, connection, and a heart-centered place […]

  • Girl Talk 2 with Kelly and Abbie

      Get ready for Round 2 of Girl Talk with my BFF’s novelist Kelly Harms and photographer and homeschooler extraordinaire Abbie Chaffee. In this episode we talk about the amazing book, Fair Play, which […]

  • Ali Brooks: Medicine for the Heart

    Ali Brooks does amazing work! She leads an empowerment group for girls with Maureen Cassidy right here in Madison. She is also an amazing artist and social worker who works with women who have […]

  • Lori DuRussel, Armchair Experts on the Big Questions

    My sister and I analyze the ins and outs of growing up Midwest “nice” with an emotionally challenged atheist Dad in a home where a lot of feelings got buried. […]

  • 3 Wise Women: Interview with Octogenarians

    In this episode, you will hear the voices of women who have over 230 years between them. We talk about everything from growing up in a rigid Catholic household and […]

  • Girl Talk with Abbie and Kelly

    If you are missing your girlfriends or are looking for a little warm, ridiculous company, take a listen. Things covered: Kelly and Abbie don’t like long walks on the beach, […]

  • Ann Adams: Birthing in the 70’s, Part 2

    In Part 2 of my mom’s interview, we pick up with talking about how her life path changed after having babies and experiencing some postpartum depression- namely, entering a doctoral […]

  • Ann Adams: Birthing in the 70’s, Part 1

    Though much of women’s birthing experiences has changed since the 70’s, some has stayed the same… like when the thought: “I don’t want to do this anymore” hits right around […]

  • Amy Anderson: Chiropractor to New and Old Souls

    This episode covers: The power and powerlessness of birth, middle school social stigmas, C-sections, band geeks, gut biomes, Kombucha…what don’t we talk about?!