The Big One: Part 2. Roe v. Wade is Overturned and We Could All Use a Civics Lesson.

This episode continues our deep dive into the overturning of Roe v. Wade. We discuss Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey from Netflix, Dan assures us that we can stay calm; we’re not at Handmaids Tale level in this country…and we’re still pretty rational up in here. Eyes on the ball- the issue is bodily autonomy, not the question of when life begins. Where does religion and the belief that God is the ultimate authority intersect with those who believe they are their own authority over their own lives? Why isn’t men’s role in pregnancy more emphasized as a part of the equation of responsibility? Two people make a baby. Kris has a cousin who is a cloistered nun. Dan has a family member who is happily hard-core Catholic, Pro-Choice and has no intentions of being swayed. Dan encourages us to consider all ideas including the ideas we disagree with. Andy poses the question: Are we sure life is actually sacred? The agenda of the conservative justices. What are laws really for? We all need a civics lesson.

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